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When the words lose their meaning


I remember that when I was a little child, in the elevator in our communistic block of flats somebody has  scratched on the wall: “Katyń’ 40”. It has haunted my memory.  I do not encourage anybody to destroy the public space. Today, I presume, we have the freedom of speech.  But those scratches in the elevators, little cards, graffiti on the walls, candles at the cemeteries in the seventies have rescued it from oblivion.

“Katyń”, this one word, forbidden at schools, has reminded of “fraternal” country USSR (former Russian Federation ) attack on Poland during World War II. At that time its services have deceived and murdered more than 20 thousand people important for the State: doctors, lawyers, civil servants and 10 thousand officers among them, by shooting them in the back of the head. The first graves where found in Katyń Forrest.

It was something that the government approved by the soviet state preferred to hide.

People’s government of the People

When the words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom. This is quotation by Confucius, Chinese philosopher that lived about 500 years BC. Misrepresenting words, changing  their meaning causes chaos and duplicity. Then, we are no more able to move in the reality, we don’t understand what is good or bad, we are being deceived, therefore we can’t make our own decisions, and we lose our freedom, almost unobtrusively. The communists where the masters of the Orwellian Newspeak. United Workers’ Party had little to do with defending workers’ interests, as well as people’s democracy. The Nazi Germans  built in Poland their concentration camps that where in fact extermination camps.

For nearly half a century we’ve been living in so called socialist democracy. It had nothing to do with democracy, except for the name. In fact, it was a dictatorship of one, communist party and a facade of Parliament. The “People’s government of the People” was intended to be the opposite of “bourgeois democracy “, that, as communists claimed, governed in the West of Europe.  So called “people’s democracies ” (Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia) where in fact the USSR’s satellites, without ability to have their own politics, free elections etc.

For so many years the word “democracy” has been misinterpreted. In enslaved, censored press propaganda ruled. The soldiers that didn’t agree with the situation and decided to fight after the end of the World War II for the sovereignty of their country where called “the filthy dwarfs of the reaction”, “bandits”. They’ve been killed and had no decent burials. The greatest patriots that fought with the facists, than with the communists, have been tortured and buried at nights in collective pits. They’ve been called traitors and even sometimes dressed up in fasists’ uniforms after death. After the end of the communist era they gained fame as “‘The Cursed Soldiers”

The entrepreneurs that didn’t agree for the lack of the free market in Poland and taking over most of the private companies by the State have been called “bourgeoisies” and “speculators”.

Jerzy Popiełuszko was a priest that organized masses for the homeland in one of the Warsaw churches in the eighties. Jerzy Urban, a “spokesman” for the socialist government at that time, has tormented him publicly. His masses, full of forgiveness, peace and love have been called by that “chief of propaganda” “the performances of hate”. The priest that advised people to overcome evil with good, has been killed by communist secret services soon. It was an amendment of the persecution that Urban started with his weekly press conferences,  which were in fact the real ‘performances of hate”.  He was well known as a lyar and everybody knew that the true is the exact opposite of his speeches.

Jerzy Urban remains now a chief editor of one of the dailies, and his protege, Mariusz Walter, the chief of a huge tv holding.

The lies: to be continued

Poles had peacefully overthrown the regime in 1989. Unfortunately, as a result of lack of lustration of many communists’ environments still many former activists keep their influences.

As a result of the Round Table agreements, cooperation between part of the opposition and the communist government , there was created a new daily, “Gazeta Wyborcza”. It should have been the first independent newspaper. But it has created the new circle of lies. Adam Michnik, its chief editor called for example Czesław Kiszczak, a person that should be verified as one of the first , chief of the secret services, responsible for imposing martial war in Poland and many political murders “the man of honor”.  While, at the same time, he called his victims “zoological anticommunists”.  People read it at the pages of the first “free” newspaper and it caused a great confusion. To call the victims asking for justice – overwhelmed by hate. And ex collaborators of secret service – “the victims of wild verification”. Such a misleading helped the postcommunists keep the power in a theoretically free Poland.

In 2010 the representatives of the State led by the president Lech Kaczyński  went together in one plane to Katyń, to commemorate the crime that USRR government officially admitted in 1990 (before that date they accused Germany of that).  The plane crashed and 96 passengers and members of the crew died. After the autopsies in Moscow the coffins have been soldered. Polish authorities didn’t allow to open them when they came back to Warsaw. Already 9 of the coffins have been exhumated and in 6 of them there were the wrong bodies. The families that want to find the real bodies of their relatives are called the hyenas playing with the coffins for political reasons by the politics respected in Europe, which have lost the power recently.

Those, who try to investigate the reasons of the catastrophe earnestly are being ridiculed. Russian has already presented many false theories  about the crash of the plane. It didn’t give Poland the wreck back, nor the black boxes.

Comitee to fight the government

Today we live in a democratic country. We have elected our authorities freely, with the help of social Elections Control Movement. Nevertheless, the Comittee for the Defence of Democracy (KOD) is trying to make an impression that the democracy in our country is in danger. If somebody defends the democracy, he should have good reasons, hasn’t he? Moreover, it has good connotations. The Comittee for the Defence of the Workers (KOR) has emerged to defend the workers truly, during communist regime.

In fact KOD emerged mainly to fight with the people that took over the power democratically. And to keep access to financial aids that helped the former authorities to gain the power. Some examples from the internet page of the Comitteee: ” But this demonstration is not only against PiS”. says Alexander Gleichgewicht.  “I will rest when it will be a little more calm in Poland and PiS will stop destroying” – young activist, Kasia Kasprzyk explains.

The representatives of the Comittee for the Defence of the Democracy didn’t protest while during last local elections in 2014 there were 12 proc. of incorrect votes ( European average 2 proc.), when the law for free gatherings have been broken as well as the freedom of media.

It is dangerous to lose the meaning of the word “democracy”. As during communist regime Poland wasn’t a people’s democracy, because there were no democratic elections, now it is dangerous to argue in front of the international institutions that there is no democracy in our country now. It leads to misrepresent the meaning of the word. It deceives first of all those who use such words without meanings. It causes chaos, destroy the national community and bluff the public opinion.

The power of the minorities

Another group of the words that have a meaning some people try to change are: family, marriage, even life and death. Under a semblance of tolerance for others (that is, LGBT environments mainly) the word “family” extend its meaning. Those environments propose not to “discriminate” homosexual relationships with the names “mother” and “father” and change them for “parent 1” and “parent 2” 23 countries in the world consider homosexual marriages as equivalent to the traditional ones. The word “marriage” loses its meaning. At the same time the people that do not approve such an approach are called “homofobic” In France for example, they may pay 45 thousand euro if they decide to protect traditional family values.

The tolerance for ones but lack of tolerance for the others. Now we have to ask if this word, so crucial for the social life hasn’t change its meaning recently as well?
It has been taken over by the minorities that are not leading to have the access to some laws, but rather to change the culture of the majority. Tolerance come from latine “to bear, to udergo”. It doesn’t mean we should agree and consent to someone else’s beliefs. Paradoxically, in modern democracies, the minorities are able to act to change the majority and to secure exclusivity for themselves. If the majority don’t gather together to fight for their rights, it will become only a set of individuals without meaning and without powers.

The word “fetus”, used in the medicine to describe a child in the womb is now being used to avoid the word “child”. In fact even a baby completely ready to live outside the mother’s body just before the labour is called “fetus”.
Many groups use the words “to terminate the pregnancy” not to use the words “to kill a baby in a mother’s womb. Famous slogan “my body, my choice” hides the fact that a human lives in its mother’s womb. It is not some gastrological process depended on her only. There is no place for the role of the father of the child also. The “fight for the women’s rights” is another euphemism in the mouth of the abortionists. There is the right to kill a person that cannot defend itself nor even protest. The right to egoism of two homosexuals in some countries is more important than children’s rights. In order to enter such laws to these countries’ codes some words had to lose their meanings.

Euthanasia, from Greek “good death” is killing somebody, most of the times with that person’s agreement. Therefore, it is a kind of a suicide or homicide out of a pity. Both the right to abortion and to euthanasia are the rights to take somebody’s life.

To reach out to the true meanings of the words leads us to the freedom, paraphrasing Confucius. The words are being changed, falsified and people blackened or promoted to achieve certain goals. But the real freedom should be built on the truth.




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