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The dillemas of Spain

Carmelo Jorda


„Freedom of speech and social networks in Spain”
– How political correctness is being used as a kind of censorship in Spain


He is a journalist, living and working in Madrid for the digital newspaper Libertad Digital (www.- and the radio station EsRadio ( He ussually writes and speaks
about politics, but also about economics and voyages.

Esperanza Garcia


„Nationalism and populism as the challenges for Europe”

As a reaction to economical crisis in Spain populism came and the nationalisms and separatist tendencies in certain parts of Spain arose. Still high rates of unemployement , especially among young people are the bad news. But small businesses are getting stronger. Spain remains the 4th economy in the European Union.

She is a deputy speaker of the Partido Popular (conservative party) in the regional parliament of Cataluna. She is a lawyer and a journalist.



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