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Is this the end of the Sweden’s history?

Is this the end of the Sweden’s history?

 Lars Bern criticizes the political aristocracy who acts for interests utterly different from those of the Swedish nation.

I repeat what I wrote earlier on how the political parties in Sweden have transformed gradually from social movements into select trade unions of political class of sort of professionals. The class consists of social climbers to a large extend lacking professional experience and meaningful education.


Journalist Anders Isacsson once called them quite shrewdly political aristocracy who as the old aristocracy had achieved leading positions in society with no other qualifications except for the class affiliation.


Earlier, the obligations of a state were managed by qualified, educated and well-paid civil servants who worked under the pain of civil liability.  The aristocracy viewed those well-paid positions as an opportunity to raise their earnings, so removed the civil liability and took over themselves those well-paid positions.  Here we have one of the explanations for the deteriorating performance of the state in the contemporary society.


The political aristocracy now has joint interests to protect across political lines which are stronger than interests of the commonage.  In those circles, it is important to minimize the risk which would appear if the common folks were allowed to influence politics.


The debate among parties involves no more the ideas of how to form the society in the best way.  It reduces itself, step by step, to the ever thinner facade where roughly one per cent is offered up or down to create an impression of diverse submissions.  In some areas, even this is not the case; instead, all politically incorrect opinions are silenced.  Politics today is just a populist waving of posters without any connection to reality.


One of the means of minimization of the political risk by aristocracy was subjecting the state to the whole array of supranational organizations such as UN and EU-joining the state in the globalism controlled by oligarchs.


National self-determination has been given up through introduction of multiplicity of international agreements, for example in trade or climate requirements.  More and more foreign leaders take important decisions.  If afterwards there is a widespread popular discontent, the aristocracy washes their hands and skillfully seeks excuses for themselves.  In exchange for giving up important elements of our state’s self-determination, it is invited to participate in the current court receptions at the imperial Brussels in the similar style as the old aristocracy used to fete themselves on the royal courts.  The Brussels’ court ensures indecently high-paid positions without real authority.


Our top aristocrat Löfven was able to recognize how completely deprived of any content this court was and how everyone turned his back on him when he needed help in solving a domestic problem he could not handle himself.


The latest discovery of the political aristocracy after all those years when the national defense has been managed badly is that now we must break with our over-centennial, effective strategy of the Swedish neutrality.  By subjecting our defense policy to the American military/industrial NATO shield, it is expected to avoid taking responsibility for the defense policy.


The majority of all wars started in the post-WWII era stemmed from the NATO circle and the greatest threat to the world peace today is a NATO state, Turkey.  Therefore, it is difficult to understand how we are to achieve a peaceful development with NATO.  It is a problem as well that Sweden must double its expenses on defense in order to be accepted by NATO.

The requirement is set in the amount of 40 bn Kronas from the taxpayers without the existence of a real danger; yet, we are forced to submit to the demands of the globalists despite the fact that Russia reduces its defense budget by 30%.  Where 40 bn is to come from now that the migration policy of Reinfeldta and Löfvena devours all our reserves and much more than that?  The political aristocracy does not live in a real world already.


Regarding health and medical care, that aristocracy, without opposition, has allowed the international pharmacological corporations to seize the control over education and research whereas the multinational giants control the food production and more and more of what we eat while the worst pandemic in the world history is raging because of the politics.  Politically directed authorities who ought to protect the public interest become every day more dependent on the global firms.


The leaders of the political aristocracy allow to be invited to the closed associations of the ruling Anglo-American oligarchy where they sell out the national interest for the spot in the Sun among the wealthiest of the wealthy.  Defense Minister Hultqvist runs as a child around the house blinded by the glow of brass of all sorts in Pentagon.   Fredrik Reinfeldt has come home and sneered at the values and traditions of Sweden. He was persuading the Swedish nation to open their hearts to denationalization of the state in accordance with the New World Order plan which the oligarchs designed for him.


The creation of one common political doctrine of the aristocracy without personal liability has seized completely the dictat over political life.  The common folk’s ability of influencing politics has vanished completely and democracy is dying.


This unfortunate trend is a result of a political strategy carefully selected by the aristocracy.  If we, the citizens, do not manage to hold the line on their irresponsibility towards our society we will lose our freedom; the state is threaten with a decay characteristic for the countries where oligarchs imposed the New World Order.


Many count on the Sweden Democrats party, Sverigedemokraterna, but it is an illusory hope.   Its leaders will not dare and do not want to take decisive steps out of fear of losing their fat perks. What the state needs more than anything else is the trustworthy alternative for the political Coalition of Dying (a Swedish quibble inspired by the name of the coalition of two traditional political rivals: DÖ-koalitionen) and the undemocratic globalism threatening with the end of the passage called Sweden in history.


Lars Bern

Based on the Lars Bern’s Blog

Translated into Polish by Adam Wesołowski

Translated from Polish into English by Lidia Sokołowska-Cybart




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