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Do not litter with words

Teresa Pakosz


“Poles in Ukraine”.

Poles have always lived in Ukraine. Polish culture doesn’t exist without Lwów or Wilno – the cities that nowadays belong to Ukraine. “It was the revenge of Stalin, we all now it”. Many Poles in Ukraine do not know the language, many do not  cultivate the identity. In the old times it was even dangerous to admit it. Many Poles have been sent to Siberia and the fathers of the families killed.

Now the Poles in Lwów and other parts of the country try to cultivate the cultural  heritage. Polish government help to renovate catholic churches, palaces and galleries that were once Polish. Otherwise, they would disappear.

Born and raised in Lwów. Being a social activist is her vocation. Journalist – is her profession. The president of Polish Radio Lviv.

Nataliya Petrushko


“The new elite for a New Europe”

There is a lot of dirt in our country. In the outside but in their hearts, people try not to  throw litter about. Not to litter with thoughts, with words. Not to offend. Think positively. There are not only human rights, that we talk about much here. There are also human duties, that Moises and later Christ told about.

Human rights are in danger. We now the situation in Georgia in the eastern Ukraine. If you add terrorism in France, in Belgium than it seems clear that there is a crisis of the leaders, of the elites. They need to be formed from the beginning.

An NGO activist. Profession – IT specialist. Engaged in citizenship education. Worked for the IEARN network (International Education and Research Network) that associates one milion terachers and students. Later, she took part in “PiE Summer Institutes” from citizenship education. Volunteer for the ONZ. Worked with youth as a part of UNDP “Integration for social engagement in Ukraine”. Coordinator of international internships and seminaries. Since the last year she works in Erasmus +Inclusion in Eastern Partnership countries and Russia”. Analitics.



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