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 We want to create a worldwide network. A network of people providing reliable information without censorship. Let us take joint actions and work together.

As a start we are providing a platform to bridge Polish, Danish and English speaking citizens.
We hope that - thanks to you - other nationalities will join! Information from your country is welcome and needed.

Do you see censorship in countries which theoretically guarantee freedom of speech? The dictates of political correctness, which forces behavior incompatible with normal common sense?

Do you experience how some words start to lose their meaning? How things get turned upside down?
“When words lose their meaning, people lose their freedom.” Confucius (Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher 551–479BC)

Have you asked yourself the question why in Germany during the last New Year's Eve, when Muslim immigrants en masse sexually attacked the women in the square in the center of the city - the most serious German media were silent about it the first days? Who decided this? Is this the effect of Orwellian censorship, or maybe someone arbitrarily decides whether something is going to appear in seemingly diverse titles of newspapers?

Or how could it be that the previous government in Poland under the now EU-president Donald Tusk could get away with massive irregularities of elections for years without interest from the EU commission or without a single European or polish mainstream media covering this? Imagine during the latest district elections under Tusk's PO party more than 18.7% votes were invalid throughout Poland! Some districts had 40% invalid votes and others 120.000 more ballots than voters. Why were media silent then and screaming now changes are towards better democracy in Poland?

The founders of VoiceFreeEurope have their own experience of struggling with censorship in Europe and America for 6 years trying to break the wall of Russian propaganda. Here we refer to the plane crash in 2010 in Russia where the Polish president was killed. We watched in amazement that the results of science research and unambiguous conclusions reviewed and verified by the indisputable science authority could not (and still cannot) break through the main stream media. Even as an invitation to criticism, while the pure rubbish and absurd gossips unsupported by any reliable sources were distributed in mass circulation by large global media easily and fast. And continue to do so.

Since this is our experience, there is no basis to assume that in other sensitive issues the media behave more honestly.
Europe seems today threatened by a lie, moving away from Christian values: the bloody invasion of radical Islam and Russian aggression.

A Free Europe should not be dominated by one single nation, not earlier, not now and not in the future.
We want to strive for EU sovereign countries operating on equal rights in Europe. Europe is powerful, when its individual nations are powerful. European's want to work together with respect for each other based on common sense, being able to genuinely respond to threats.

Let's create an international network. Let VoiceFreeEurope become a platform for exchanging reliable information, meeting people who want to work by joining forces and venue for joint ventures.

How to do it? Register as a start. If you want - help us break the censorship. Give us your information and experience not allowed in mainstream media.

Through VoiceFreeEurope you can find other people who think like you and will support.


If you think that:

    • Only the truth is interesting.
    • Christian values are the backbone of European civilization.
    • Discrimination of all kind should not be tolerated.
    • Patriotism is your love of your country.
    • The nation has the sovereign right to decide it's own destiny.
    • Victims' rights take precedence over the rights of torturers.
    • The border of freedom of a man is the harm of another human being.
    • Honesty, justice and respect for human rights are important for you...

    Then you are very much needed here. WELCOME!



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