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The VFE, Georgia and civil West

There is an account on Twitter: Georgia Rises. This is the promotional account about Georgia’s achievements in politics, economy, culture, business, sport and other spheres of life. I like this account, because there is visible Georgia’s successful development, including in the economy. Yes, Georgia has good indicators in the economy, mostly in the macro economy. Unfortunately, poverty is the main problem of Georgian society. Success in the macro economy still doesn’t improve condition of life of the majority of Georgians. Unemployment or jobs with low salary are reasons of massive poverty. Voice Free Europe is an international network and many of its members are from the rich, developed Western countries. Georgia needs humanitarian aid. The VFE isn’t financial fund, but we can create fund of economical support for Georgia. I know western friends and partners of Georgia are ready to help poor families of Georgians. I’m sure its temporary problem and in future prosperous Georgia will be able to help other developing countries.

Georgia has pro Western political orientation. Main goals of my Homeland are integration in NATO and EU. Russia, our neighbor, considers post soviet republics, now independent countries, as territory of its influence, including Georgia. Russia’s refusal becomes as breaking factor of our transatlantic and euro integration, because western countries try to avoid conflict with the aggressive Russia. The VFE as international network can play role of political lobby of Georgia in the western political institutions.

As the head-office of the VFE in Poland, we can also choose as priority developing the bilateral relations between Poland and Georgia in various spheres of life. In Georgia are living many Poles. Friendship and solidarity between our nations have long history. We must strengthen ties between our nations and countries, all the more so, because officially Georgia and Poland are strategic partners. I’m sure, the VFE will play positive role to improve situation in Georgia!



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