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Difficult history

Aleksander Wierzejski


“Challenges of the media in Poland”

A few words about the divisions in Poland. The history after 45r. – Poles started the war as the allies of France and UK, but then were “sold” during the Conference in Jałta and had to stay under the influence of USSR (Comunist Russia). Many officers that fought for freedom were killed at that time. Cavalry captain Pilecki, who is famous from getting to one of the concentration camps (Aushwitz) to build resistance movement there was tortured by the secret service and killed

Journalist ,Secretary of the Board of Warsaw Division of the Polish Association of Journalists


Tinatin Mirtskhulava

„EU – GEORGIA association agreement”

Signed in 2014, the agreement is designed to strengthen the ties of European Union and Georgia in politics, economy and socially. Georgia hopes it will finally let it enter the Union. The firsts steps towards it have been taken in 1996, but the war between Georgia and Russia stopped the process.

Economist specialist in social sciences, business and law. Volunteer, organizer,



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