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Secret service officers among journalists

Dorota Kania


„Media in the third Republic of Poland”

Polish media after the fall of communism weren’t free. The “Gazeta Wyborcza” was the only main newspaper. It was founded after the first democratic elections since the war and people expected from it honest and thruthful information. But it defended communists and fighted with democratic opposition and “Solidarność”.

Publicist of „Gazeta Polska”, „Gazeta Polska codziennie”, Deputy editor in chief of website, writer, has her own tv programme in TV Republika.

Krzysztof Karnkowski


„One eye – blind. Polish journalists after the 1989”

Polish independent media in “new Poland” had a lot difficulties in financing themselves. The net of old communist secret service officers tried to defend its status quo. But now there is “Gazeta Polska”, “Gazeta Polska Codziennie”, other weeklies, One, independent but small TV Republika and Catholic press to defend other values, freedom. democracy and pluralism. And of course, there is internet, which has great power in the modern world.

Social Sciences PhD, used to blog, now a publicist. Active on Twitter, in the
spare time punk rock vocalist.



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