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We do not serve patriots. This is our right. But with LGBT, it’s a different thing !

Polish Internet is on fire since the last few days. Facebook is censoring the profiles of the users whose opinions are others that those “enlightened”, modern and political correct. Especially, the ones that are connected with the Independence March. November 11 is approaching and the people that are gathering for the annual March cannot use the event page of it on FB freely.
The users that publish posters promoting the event or even those who publish other patriotic comments or photos are being banned by the Facebook administrators.
At the same time profiles that slander Holy Pope John Paul II or promote communism, bolshevism and other criminal ideologies remain allowed, despite of the protests and signs from the users. Recently, such a behavior of the FB preventive censorship is getting more and more intensive. Why? We are not quite sure, but it could be an interesting subject for further research.
Many people comment the issue of Mr. Sławomir Jastrzębski, chief editor of Super Express, one of the biggest Polish daily. His account has been blocked, as well as that of MP Marek Jakubiak of Kukiz’15. The first one has published the Independent March poster, the other one an information (with a photo of Polish flag attached)that he is going to attend the march.
Sławomir Jastrzębski has deleted his FB account as a sign of protest. Marek Jakubiak decided to take legal steps against such an abuse.
Twitter has also decided to take part in the censoring. The service has blocked the Independence March account for promoting the information of the protest in front of the FB Headquarters. The administrators of Twitter demanded to delete that post.
Everywhere on the left side of the scene we can hear the voices of so called “useful idiots” or of the open agents of influence that FB is a private company and so it can do whatever it likes. It seems to be just a matter of time that other private companies stop serving people wearing t-shirts with “Fighting Poland ” ( a symbol of Polish Underground State during World War II) or with Cursed Soldiers (another Polish emblem – resembling soldiers fighting with soviet occupation after the War). Or those who wear PiS (the Polish main conservative party) button may not be able to shop at the supermarkets, Biedronka or Tesco?
What if, some other private company decides not to serve people that look like homosexuals or other LGBTQ promoters? You will keep on arguing that it is a private company and can do whatever it want, you hypocrites?. FB is a private company indeed, but it acts in a public space which is protected by Polish Constitution.
“Nobody can be discriminated in the political life, social life nor in the economic life for any reason” – says it in art. 32 part 2. “Everybody should be free to express his views, gain access to an information and diffuse it. Preventive censorship of the mass media as well as licensing the press is forbidden”.
What the FB and TT are doing seems to be the preventive censorship. I hope that the government will not give up and take legal steps in order to defend the freedom of opinion. We shouldn’t let it be deprived by the private companies in the public space. It is a basic constitutional law of every citizen in a free democratic country.
If we leave it without reaction than in a short time we will have to face with private states in the state together with its own rules. I know that the first steps to explain this issue have been made by the Minister of Digitalization. Mrs Anna Streżyńska. But she can’t be left by herself with this case facing a global company.



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