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Dear Free Voice Europeans,

We are very happy to have met you and host you in Poland, Warsaw. We hope that we will build together a global website that will start to be the place of free speech. We want to propagate Christian and patriotic values. We want our children to be raised free from liberal ideology. Moreover, we want them to be born. That their parents have the material conditions to support their families.

We can achieve a lot together. If the words give the reality its meaning, than writing the truth that the others hide, detecting lies is something really important. Many of us have stressed the importance of direct actions.

There have even been provided an idea of political activism. Lidia Sokołowska – Cybart has proposed to set up a real christian party. It would take part in the 2019 elections to the European Parliament. It would have delegates in every European country. We surely want to have correspondents of VFE in every country of Europe.

Many speakers told us about the great secularisation of many European countries. In order to stop such a situation, Christians have to unite. But not unite to fight in an agressive way. As priest Jerzy Popiełuszko used to remind us: „Overcome evil with Good” .

As Anna Emdenborg from Sweden told me during the Conference: „If you pray, they won’t attack you”. If you approach people with love, you will succeed.

There were also the representatives of two countries: Georgia and Ukraine. They have different, very serious problems. How to keep their independence, their sovereignity. We can help them by writing the true. But we also have to think what else can we do.



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