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We all demand the free speech

Ewa Stankiewicz, Poland

“Voice Free Europe as the idea, Conference as a tool and a start”

“This is the social movement. This is the invitation to coact, which will be the response to contemporary needs and the threats of christianity, patriotism. (…) Europe shouldn’t be dominated by one nation. Nor in present nor in the future, nor in the past”

Documentary film director, TV Republika journalist, an activist in non- governmental
organisations for many years. Has graduated from Uniwersytet Wrocławski in Polish
philology and PWSF i T Film School in Łódź in film directing. Has gained many prizes for her
movies. Founder and president of Stowarzyszenie Solidarni 2010, founded after the catastrophe
of Polish president and 95 essential persons for the Polish State died in Russia. She is also a
founder of two other non-governmental organizations.



Anna Emdenborg, Sweden

„Możliwości sekularyzmu”

“The lack of order is to be constructed with the means of science. This is what we see in the western world. Who on earth mentions God? I do all the time. Because I do believe God rules this world. Jesus Christ rules this world. And this is my conviction. So I always talk about him. But who on Earth does that? It is absolutely not politically correct.”

„The possibility of Secularism”
Bachelor of Ethics, political science and philosophy from the university of Lund (2009). She has
a BA within marketing from IHM (1990). She has worked for different Pro-Life organizatons and
is currently working with Människorä för ofödda (MRO) in Skåne/Sweden. Writes articles and
papers on religious issues in Claphaminstutet. Currently works with immigrants as a teacher.



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