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Ukraine is searching for freedom

Mykola Davydiuk


„How does Putin’s propaganda work”

The new propaganda in Russia and outside its borders. Military agression of Moscow is coworking with the media agression. Journalists are massively paid by the Kremlin. There are also special “farms” of the haters that are active in the social networks. In Ukraine as well as in Brussels works prorussion “experts” paid by the Moscow.

Ukrainian political expert, PhD in Political Sciences,  director of think tank “POLITICS”.


Volodymyr Tsybulko

“Limitless Freedom”

Ukraina has suffered much during the XX century: two World Wars, famine, Chernobyl disaster and total rusification. In XXI it suffers agression from Moscow, lost 7 percent of its teritory and every day Ukrainians are killed. But the nation believes in freedom, it has fought Russian influence in education, culture and Church.

Volodymyr Tsybulko. Writer, blogger, political analyst.



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