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The salt, not the honey

Adam Wesołowski

Sweden, Poland
„Should parents and children feel worry in Sweden?”

Wesołowski, who live in Sweden since the 1970s observes that its citizens have many advantages coming straight from Christian roots: honesty, work ethos, ability to cooperate. But he was also a witness of high secularisation of the nation. There are many tabu subjects in Sweden: abortion, cases of taking children away from their parents by the civil servants. Those are the cases that he is concerned about. He tries to explain the real meaning of abortion and with an organization Ra&Raavista to help those children that where taken from their parents without good reasons.

NGO activist for Polish Catholic Mission in Stockholm and for Rätt&Rattvisa/Law&Jus-
tice in Sweden. Chairman of Semper Fidelis organisation. Until 2015 MSc electronics,
Technical Safety Manager in Control Systems.


Marta Moriconi, Italy

Identity, Catholicism and the new Europe: the Italian case

Moriconi indicates the problems of today’s Italy. Deep demographical crisis, secularisation and nihilism propagated by the liberal Partito Democratico party. The Family Days that were the answear to new government directives: gay marriage, adoption of LGBT “families” didn’t solve all this problems, but showed the power of traditional families. The crisis is global. And the Europe should work together to build new great sintesis. Especially the christians, that should be the salt of the earth. Not the honey. But we are ready and prepared for it.

A journalist of the online newspaper IntelligoNews. She has participated in the Family Day, the largest event in the post-war history of Italy. She fights for religious freedom and for freedom from political corectness everyday. In Italy it is the greatest battle in her opinion.



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