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We need those who tell stories

Jonathan Price, USA, the Netherlands, England

“The elites we need”

“I consider political life without political reflection to be undesirable and even dangerous.(…) Sharing stories allows us to have shared history. (…) We need those elites, especially those who shares stories because without them we stop being a “we”.

An American, has spent the last ten years in Europe. His wife is Polish and so he knows enough about the Polish situation, but has recently lived mostly in Holland and England. When not involved in activism, he teaches philosophy and law at Leiden University (the Netherlands), Oxfordc University (where he is also completing a doctorate) and guest lecture at places like the University of Warsaw. (philosophy). He is a Fellow at the Centre for the Thought of JPII in Warsaw. He edited a book with OMP a few years back. „Platon na Wall Street”. He has written for numerous internationally – known publications in mamy countries.

Rudo Vitkovic, Czech Republic

“Our Neighbors- creating a new You Tube channel”

“On Republika TV in the internet I saw the beginning of the speech of Mr. Witold Waszczykowski, the Foreign Ministry of Poland while he was speaking about Polish government new directions of foreign policy. And he said we should learn more about our neighbors, we should engage in dialog with our neighbors. And that’s what our new YouTube independent channel is about.”

He was born in east Slovakia, he lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He is retired, he thinks on politics and history. And makes documentaries.



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