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Awakening of the Giant

Clemente Borioli


“The common sense in politics issues”

“In France we saw awakening of a new generation in reaction to Christian values in decline.”

Borioli tells us about new political movement in France – “Sens Commun” It has derived from “La Manif pour Tous”, association that was founded to oppose the “gay marriage” law in France. “Sens Commun” doesn’t want to start up a new party, but enters into french republican party to really represent christian values.

Engaged in catholic-politics issues. Responsable for the movement Sens Commun in Hautes – Pyrenees in France./Optometrist in Lourdes.


Filip Mazurczak

USA, Poland

“Awakening the Sleeping Giant and Engaging an Increasingly Secular Europe (and West)”

“Perhaps some of you have been to countries in Western Europe and have attended mass, where only a couple of old ladies attended. Or seen former churches turned into discos, pizzerias, hotels. (…) We could be creative minorities. (…) We should educate people about our faith”

The “Sleeping Giant” are those Christians that somehow live in christian tradition, get married in church, baptize their children. We, the “creative minority”, should invite them to improve their faith. As well as educate the ones who are secularised. Mazurczak gives examples of such actions.

Translator and journalist. He serves as the assistant editor of the journal The European Conservative. His articles and interviews have been published in many English and Polish-language publications, including The National Catholic Register, Catholic World Report, First Things, Crisis Magazine, Wprost, Tygodnik Powszechny, and Idziemy.
He was born in Poland in the 1980s, but he moved to the United States at the age of four. He has spent most of his life in the United States (including his education), but he has spent the past several years living alternatively in both countries. He is spending this year in Kraków, where he covered World Youth Day.




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