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The Opposition is blocking the Parliament



On Friday, 16th of December, in the Polish Parliament Budgetary Act for the 2017 as well as the Act that reduces the retirement pension of former, communistic secret service officers had to be voted. But, after the Speaker of Parliament didn’t allow opposition deputy to speak, the opposition party, PO, blocked the parliamentary platform for many hours.

The coalition moved to another room and voted the Acts. |The opposition doesn’t agree with those votes.

There were demonstrations both of the opponents and the supporters of the government.

In this video we can see a young man demostrating against the government. He lies on the street to simulate that he has been beaten by the police. But the police forces  remain peaceful.

Another amazing fact: Polish public tv suddenly also have been blocked and there were problems with watching it.


Krótki samouczek jak się robi "ofiarę policyjnej brutalności" pisowskiego reżimu. To tylko jeden z dowódów na to, że mamy do czynienia z cynicznymi prowokatorami a nie z "zatroskanymi obywatelami walczącymi o demokrację". Zwracam też uwagę na petardy lecącę w stronę policjantów.

Opslået af Leszek Dobrzyński på 17. december 2016



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