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Ewa Stankiewicz


The first Conference Voice Free Europe in Warsaw. See the schedule!

12 November in Warsaw will host the convention bloggers journalists, NGO activists from 10 European countries at the working meeting. Broadcast of the conference can be seen at VFE in the Polish version. After the conference they will also be placed materials in English. Here is the speeches plan.

CONFERENCE, Warsaw 12-13 Nov. 2016

SATURDAY, 12.11.2016

9.00-9.20 Ewa Stankiewicz – Poland, Voice Free Europe as the idea, Conference as a tool and start. Opening, introducing the guests.

9.20-9.30 Eva Iszoro –  Spain, Poland

9.30-9.40 Carmelo Jordá – Spain

9.40-9.50  Carlos Barrio – Spain

9.50 -10.00  Esperanza García González – Spain

10.00-10.10  Rudo Vitkovič – Czech Republic

10.10-10.20   Jonathan Price – USA, The Netherlands, England

10.20-10.30  Teresa Pakosz – Ukraine

10.30-10.40  Break

10.40-10.50 Dorota Kania – Poland

10.50-11.00  Aleksander Wierzejski – Poland

11.00-11.10  Krzysztof Karnkowski – Poland

11.10-11.20 Lidia Sokołowska – Cybart

11.20-11.30 Anna Emdenborg – Sweden

11.30-11.40 Adam Wesołowski – Sweden, Poland

11.40-11.50 Mykola Davydiuk – Ukraine

11.50-12.00 Nataliya Petrushko – Ukraine

12.00-12.10 Volodymyr Tsybulko – Ukraine

12.10-12.20 Filip Mazurczak – Poland, USA

12.20-12.30 Glenn Jorgensen – Denmark, Poland

12.30-12.40 Danuta Lemoyn – France, Poland

12.40-12.50 Clement Borioli France

13.00 -14.30 Lunch

14.30-14.40 Irakli Bokuchava –  Georgia

14.40-14.50  Tinatin Mirtskhulava – Georgia

14.50-15.00  Maia Osepaishvili – Georgia

15.00-15.10 Marekh Tughushi – Georgia

15.10-15.20 Marta Moriconi – Italy

15.20-15.30 Zoltan Juhasz – Hungary

16.00-16.10 Break

16.10-19.00 Brainstorm, discussion, discussion of joint action

19.00 Supper – 20.30

20.30 – 21.30  Next door visit.  Museum of Blessed Priest Jerzy Popiełuszko

21.30 – ? (optional for volunteers) continuation of brainstorming with the glass of wine 🙂


SUNDAY, 12.11.2016

7.00 Catholic mass

9.00-11.00  Voice Free Europe web portal discuss cooperation

The project cofinanced by The Ministery of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Poland.

Sign the Open Letter to the US Congress and EU Parliament supporting Polish Government.

Help Stop the False Rumors and Slander against Poland.

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VoiceFreeEurope is now up and running!

Your source of uncensored information. The recent years traditional main stream media have become more and more aligned. Many experience a global censorship making it difficult to share information regarded as "political incorrect" by some. VoiceFreeEurope provides a platform for such information typically not allowed or highly restricted in normal main stream media.

Only must it not discriminate nor encourage towards violence!

When words loose their meaning people loose their freedom. The word is free. Send us your post's.


Junker refuses to answer why the Commission now has interest in the Polish democracy, not during 8 years of violation by PO Government.

German interests in Poland have escalated during the former Polish primeminister Donald Tusk’s PO-lead government. About 90% of the media are now on German hands.

Many Polish citizens are asking: Is the EU commission’s sudden concern for the Polish democracy following the change in the Polish government grounded in a fear, that these German interests could be threatened?

Donald Tusk became the president of the European Union in nov. 2014 based on German support.




Shooting to the Polish miners in 2015 under latest PO-government.

20.000 citizens have now signed support for the Polish government’s struggle for democracy.

Polish citizens and organisations are gathering further support to the Polish Government as a reaction towards the campaign against the new Polish government echoed in mainstream media and KOD in and outside Poland. Latest KOD announced they want to meet with some willing US senators in April.

KOD wanted to meet willing US Senators in the States, but No Senators came.


Instead they had to settle for representatives.

KOD planned to meet with some US senators in the beginning of April to brief them with KOD’s view of the development in Polish democracy, but had to settle for representatives as none came to meet them.  Many citizens in Poland are unpleased by KOD’s action of defamation of Poland and wonder why the people behind KOD – including the many PO members  – never took any actions during the eight years of criticisable elections under the former PO government. During the latest district elections in 2014 held by PO there were by the PO government’s own numbers more than 18.7% invalid votes. Some districts had more than 40% invalid votes and in another more than 130.000 more ballots were added! None of the KOD activists reacted, no European newspapers found this worth reporting. Now everybody seem to have interest in the changes in Poland. Some wonder if the main cause for the EU-commissions interest is related to the fear, that they might have to give up some of the 90% of the Polish media now on German hands.
The changes in the tribunal constitution are meant to reduce the tribunal constitutions possibilities to politicize as by the new law all the courts decisions must be with 2/3 majority. Still a big majority -9 of 15 – of the judges are elected by the former government.