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Last year in Sweden


The last year in Sweden (2016) has been marked by news of problems within the Green party and also scandals connected with abuse of power, “favor’s” to and from ministers of the Swedish parliament from both large trade organizations and private persons and last but not least a large scandal in connection with Swedbank. 

In other words: nothing new under the sun.

Being just a small part of this society and a normal insignificant worker there is not much one can do about such things except: changing the trade union because of their involvement of scandals and therefore not giving indirect support to that sort of behavior by a monthly paycheck, not voting for certain political parties and changing bank. As for the rest business goes on as usual.

 Pope Francis was in Lund and Malmö last year the 31 of october util the 1 of november. The joint Lutheran-Catholic commemoration marked the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and featured a liturgy in Lund cathedral, followed by a catholic mass at an arena in the nearby city of Malmö.

All this said and done – we look forward to the coming year and hope for the best and that God may bless this country and its inhabitants.



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