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Welcome to the Voice Free Europe

It is here and now that we launch a new international grassroots movement, based on the Christian and patriotic values.

Voice Free Europe is the outset of networking, a place for exchanging ideas, reliable information, and a meeting place for people who want to join efforts, a chance for implementing common projects.

This portal will allow you to inform the other countries about events occurring in your country make contacts, obtain support

Together we will create a force for the sake of positive change.

The situation in the world is very tense and worrying. Also in Europe alone, we have to deal with the threats that have been unseen for decades.

In recent years we saw many troubling events that happen more and more often in recent months: –

– Abandonment of Christian roots in Europe,

– Extreme left-wing ideology wrongly called “liberal” combatting the European values

– Mindless migration policy in Europe. No real help for the societies threatened by war and Europe exposed to the danger. The Islamic terror in the Middle East and Africa (and lately more and more often in Europe) makes people murdered and many of them flee from their homes. The Christians are one of the most persecuted communities. The European politicians bring to Europe hundreds of thousands of Muslims, who are culturally inclined to fight the host culture, including the bloody, more and more frequent attacks. Instead, they should forcefully resist the barbarians, whose faith says the murder may be rewarded.

– Manipulation and censorship in the media, political correctness and the absence of reliable information

– Lack of common sense and courage in decision-making by the European Union politicians

– Putin Russia’s aggressive policy towards neighbouring countries, a strong propaganda in the world

With you, we can and we want to change it. We want to work for Europe and the world:

– Being a community of sovereign, democratic and law-abiding states

– Coming back to Christian roots,

– Ready to face the current challenges and threats

– States respecting the human rights

– States without censorship, corruption and political correctness

To this aim, we want to join forces in Europe and the world.

We are looking for people, organizations, social movements that share our views and values.

On 12th November 2016 in Warsaw, Poland, a conference will take place to gather leaders of social movements from over a dozen countries, mainly European, aiming at exchange of information, ideas and determination of the future common synchronized actions for the sake of positive changes in Europe.

You can be one of them!

Sign up, post the information, act. With VFE you will find other people who think alike and who will support you. It’s easy.


If you think that:

* Only the truth is interesting.

* Christian values are the backbone of European civilization.

* Patriotism means the love for your country.

* The nation has the sovereign right to decide on their own destiny.

* Victims’ rights prevail over the rights of perpetrators.

* The limit of one man’s freedom is the harm to another man.

* You cherish honesty, justice, respect for human and common sense

then you are very much needed here. FEEL INVITED TO JOIN US!