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Georgia in 2016

In  2016 main event in Georgia was Parliamentary election. Georgian oligarch’s Bidzina Ivanishvili’s party “Georgian Dream” won in elections with Constitutional,absolutely majority.Former President’s Saakashvili’s party “United National Movement”got only 27 seats.Now this party divided on two political subjects: Saakashvili’s loyal UNM and “European Georgia”.
In Georgia develops Tourism and local and foreign investors are building hotels from great,expensive to middle sized and little hostels.In country also realizing many business projects with foreign financing.
Every day life is also routine,with less hope on western support and ordinary citizens are working to survive.
As resume, I want to underline irrational or may be rational optimism, which is habitual to Georgians;yes, despite all difficulties we are sure that prosperity and great development will be in Georgia in near future!


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